Noble Limits Creative Company is a small, Family team of experienced storytellers in film, photography, design, and publication. 

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Owner / Projects Manager






Production Assistant


Our Story





For years,

Jared had been filming, photographing, and designing content for organizations all over the country. He eventually started working at a local church (Arrowhead Church), and has served as their creative director since 2014. Meanwhile, Leah began honing in her photography skills - doing weddings, senior shoots, and social media posts. And then it hit them - What if they worked together?

Enter Noble Limits

They made it official and started Noble Limits Creative Company. Why the name? It's a little artsy. We believe that (1) God is the ultimate creator and the best we can ever hope to do is to live in imitation of him and (2) that the deepest, most creative ideas are forged in the struggle of our limitations. We're not perfect! And there will always be limitations that can feel restrictive to our ability to create. We see limitations as boundaries to push to the noblest places. Mountains to climb. We will work hard - through blood, sweat, and tears - to create the absolute best we can with the time, tools, and attitudes we've been given.


and Then these two got together


In 2015, Jill joined the family - literally! Jared and Jill were married in October and the importance of great photography and video immediately became clear. They wanted to create the photography and videography experience for others that they wanted for themselves. We want to preserve our favorite moments and revisit them again and again. Since then, that's been our goal - to make for others the product that we would want for ourselves.


Fast forward to today

We shoot dozens of weddings a year, edit thousands of portrait photos every month, and love every minute of it. But the best part of our jobs, by far, is the moment when we see our client's reactions to our work. We strive for joy. We measure our success in smiles, tears, laughter, and hugs. In all our work, our focus is people and the relationships that bond them together. We hope that shows.

So How Does the Family-Business part Work?

Jared is the owner of Noble Limits - so he handles the business technicalities and leads the majority of our projects, especially video-based projects, which are Jared's forte. Leah is our photographer, although Jared and Jill come along as her backup every now and then. And Jill serves as our production assistant, filling a million roles ranging from client care, to rough editor, to second shooter, to team cheerleader (she's the real director, let's be honest). But at the end of the day, we are family. We are best friends who share goofy, inside jokes and the deepest, most personal parts of our lives. The fact that we get to do what we love with each other - huge win! 


Our Ethos

Our Goals

We Exist to:

  • Create artistic work that enriches lives and tells a compelling story.
  • Serve others through people-focused content creation.
  • Carefully design our products with the utmost attention to detail.
  • Teach techniques, strategies, and lessons that we have learned to others who would benefit from such information.


Our Values

  • Service. 

    • We serve our clients with kindness and hospitality.
    • We work toward the joy and satisfaction of our clients.
    • We relate to other memebers of our team with humility, and grace.
  • Originality.

    • We celebrate new ideas and promote unique solutions. 
    • We recognize when we build on another’s work. 
  • Vulnerability.

    • We have nothing to hide, nothing to be arrogant of, and we benefit from being open with one another.
  • Intentionality.

    • We work with a great deal of care and thoughtfulness to maximize the meaning and purpose of our work.
    • We attend to the details. 

The Result (We Hope)?

Products Made With Love.


Some of Our Recent Work


Enough about us.

What about you?

We would love to talk!