Jared Belcher

A Little About Me

My name is Jared Belcher. I love Jesus and my wife, Jill. I enjoy making things and understanding how things communicate to people. I love to learn. I love my church (Arrowhead Church) and I work there as the Creative Director. I strive to create things that are meaningful and invoke a response. Reading is the best and my favorite book is The Shape of Design. I graduated from Carson Newman University in 2014 with a degree in accounting and social entrepreneurship. My favorite color is usually sky blue. It's been 12 years since my last bicycle accident.


A Little About my role here

In early 2014, I made a website called, "Caffeinated Fortitude," as my personal creative journal. I loved posting and showing the things I was working on, but eventually it became clear to me that there was something to be gained from a single journal of many Christian artists. I visited dozens of separate creative blogs and portfolios everyday - why couldn't we all just post in the same place? So I opened the conversation with some talented artists I knew, and Noble Limits was born. 

Today, I serve as the editor-in-chief here. I handle design, promotion, decision making, and approval for the publication of posts by our amazing artists who contribute their thoughts and their work to this journal. 


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