Meet Jill - Our Production Assistant


Meet Jill

Our Production Assistant

If you've booked a wedding with us, you've probably gotten a letter from our production assistant, Jill! 

As a little girl in Knoxville, Jill would run around the house with a walky-talky in hand, dreaming of running the day-to-day operations of Disney World. Yep, you read that right - while some may have dreamed of going to the park and being a Disney princess, Jill dreamed of making sure those other little girls got to see their wishes come true. It could not be more fitting.

She may not be running Disney, but for our brides and grooms, she ensures that their wedding day really is the happiest place on earth. Jill is our rock here at Noble Limits. 


She keeps us on schedule, makes sure our shooters have whatever equipment they require, is a source of warmth and strength for our brides, and is a co-shooter with Jared at our video weddings! After a shoot, Jill spends hours sorting photos and videos. If we photograph a wedding, she will spend 6-8 hours carefully examining every single one of the thousands of pictures before she hands it off to Leah for editing. She designs and orders our wooden thumb drives and photo boxes, writes our client letters, checks in on our brides, and nudges Jared and Leah when deadlines are near.

Jill is known for her warmth, contagious laughter, and unmatched ability to make everyone feel like they are the most important person in the room. 

She also has a major weakness for cookies and brownies!

Some fun facts about Jill: When she isn't working for Noble Limits, she also works as a Pre-K teacher and a YoungLife leader! She loves to dance and if the song "Apple Bottom Jeans" comes on at your wedding, she will be on the dance floor. She loves those cheesy-romance Christmas movies during the holidays, has been to 4 NSYNC concerts, spent a summer living in Haiti, and her favorite Pixar movie is Coco. 


And in October of 2015, she married Jared and joined the family! She, Jared, and Leah started Noble Limits Creative Company soon after. For Jared and Leah, this business would have never happened without Jill. 


We want to provide the most loving, easy, and joyful experience for our clients. Jill's job is to make sure all the behind the scenes stuff is running smoothly so our clients have a magical experience with Noble Limits. 



Made (by Jared & Leah) with Love