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Our Wedding video Services

Highlight  Video

Our wedding highlight videos combine footage from your entire wedding day and compile it into a 4-6 minute short film that we edit to amazing music. We typically film with 2-4 camera shooters and use high quality, HD cameras of all kinds to get the most vivid shots - from the wide vistas of the wedding venue to the tiny intricacies of the dress. We often include interviews, slow motion shots, smooth subject tracking, and aerials. As we edit, we comb through every shot very slowly as we build the story of your wedding highlight video. It can take weeks and dozens of hours to get it all right. As soon as we finish a highlight video, we'll upload it online so you can share it on social media weeks before the flash drive with your video files arrives at your door.

Multi-Cam  Ceremony  Video

When you want your full ceremony saved for all time, our multi-cam feature provides an edited video using 3-5 cameras and high quality audio. Our team films the complete ceremony on our HD cameras and edits the different perspectives and angles into a full-length, unaltered video. Our only edits are the cuts between cameras- no added music, slow-motion, or special effects. It's the best way to revisit the scene exactly as it happened, minute by minute, vow for vow.


Investments Tailored to Your Wedding

We customize our service for every wedding, but here are our three main wedding packages.

All Day Package


8 Hours of Video Coverage with Multiple Shooters

Multiple-Camera Video of the Full Ceremony

4-6 Minute Highlight Video

1 Minute Teaser Video

Drive with all raw footage

Engraved flash drive with Finished Files

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Essentials Package


4 Hours of Video Coverage with Multiple Shooters

Multiple-Camera Video of the Full Ceremony

2 Minute Highlight Video

Engraved flash drive with Finished Files

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Elopement Package


2 Hours of Video Coverage with Multiple Shooters

Multiple-Camera Video of the Full Ceremony

1 Minute Highlight Video

Engraved flash drive with Finished Files

Only 10 guests may be in attendance at the wedding

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Every wedding we film includes these features - no matter which investment level your wedding requires. 

  • Personal meeting or call to plan your unique wedding shoot

  • A wooden, custom engraved thumb drive with your edited videos

  • A completion date guarantee

  • Optional: All raw video files we captured


A team you'll love to work with

We seriously love to do this. At every step, we'll make sure that you have an amazing experience with us that we hope will exceed your expectations.


Delivery Date Guarantee 

We've seen it happen before - a wedding couple hires a videographer to film their wedding and years go by before they ever get a video. We'll never let that happen. In our contract, we guarantee a delivery date 6 months within your wedding or we will issue you a full refund. However, you'll usually receive your edited video within 2 months of your wedding. 



Contracts, event details, and billing - all online

We try to make booking as simple as possible. We handle all of our booking online, so you can review and sign the contract, alter wedding details, and make payments through our client portal. As benchmarks approach, such as finalizing the wedding schedule, we'll send you an email to let you know. Of course, our clients all have a login to access their account at anytime. 



We'd love to talk with you about your wedding!


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the payment schedule?

We require a retainer of $400 at the time of booking and the remaining balance can be paid in any increments, at any time, up until 1 week before the wedding. The full balance must be paid 7 days prior to the wedding date. 

Can I get all the footage you shoot on my wedding day?

Absolutely. As a free option to all our wedding video clients, we offer all of the raw footage we captured on your wedding day. It usually amounts to hours of footage across multiple cameras. We simply ask that you provide us with a hard drive or flash drive of at least 100gb (or we can purchase one for you and bill you for the cost). It's a free option that you can take advantage of at anytime, even years after the wedding. 

Can you make a teaser video for my wedding highlight?

Certainly! This is included in our All Day package. For clients who want to see the footage as soon as possible, we can provide you with a 1 minute teaser video within a week of your wedding. If you have the Essentials or Elopement wedding packages, this extra option will add some cost to your investment.

Can I upload the highlight videos and ceremony videos to social media?

Absolutely. When you receive your thumb drive with the finished videos, we include a video release form that provides you permission to share them online with friends and family however you'd like. Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram - these are your videos to share as you like! We simply ask that you do not alter or re-edit the videos, and of course, selling them to a third party is not allowed.

I'm not sure I want the full, standard package / It's just not in the budget. Are there other options I can choose?

Of course! Every single wedding video project we take on is customized to the client. While most people choose to have both the highlight video and the multi-cam ceremony video, you can choose just one. We also offer discounts for employees of registered 501(c)3 non-profits. Every wedding is different! Contact us and we can almost always work something out.

Do you offer DVDs?

We provide you the video files, which you can have made into DVDs! However, as very few of our clients request DVDs, it isn't standard in our packages. What we do provide is a video that is twice the quality a DVD can offer and a link to share it online with family and friends.

Do you travel out of state?

We love to travel! Consider our bags packed.

What if the weather is bad, can your equipment handle it?

That's a tricky one. If it's raining, our audio equipment will be pretty useless and, as most electronics do, it hates the rain. For an outdoor wedding, bad weather may severely restrict our options and may reduce the number of cameras we can use by half. We'll make it work, but especially with the multi-cam ceremony video, there will be compromises. 

What if my wedding date is moved?

Part of what the $400 retainer does is reserve your wedding date. If your date changes for some reason, we will certainly reschedule if we can, but other weddings may be already booked on the new date you want to use. If we can move your wedding date, we will at no extra cost (so long as the venue hasn't changed).