Courtney & Will - Wedding


People claim that rain on your wedding day is good luck and we’ve got to say that we agree. Courtney and Will’s wedding day was filled with scattered heavy showers and a lot of overcast. While many brides would be sad and stressed about the weather running their day, Courtney kept beaming with excitement to finally marry her man.

As we thought back to this day, one thing all three of us loved was that without the huge amount of teamwork by the bride and groom’s wedding party and family, the day might not have happened. (Okay, that’s maybe a bit dramatic, but the day certainly would’ve been much more stressful). The spot of the ceremony was planned to be outside, but when it started raining, they moved all of the chairs and decorations inside to where the reception was going to be held. The groomsmen did all of this in a span of just 15 minutes! But about an hour before the ceremony, there was a break in the clouds, so everyone rushed the chairs back outside. And then…. another rain shower came. Once it passed, there was about 30 minute before the ceremony began, so the entire wedding party ran outside with paper towels, regular towels, rags, jackets, really anything that would soak up water! It was a chaotic yet beautiful scene as everyone worked together to help Courtney and Will’s dream of having their wedding outside a reality.

When the ceremony began, it was as if it had never rained. The sun was shining, the grass glistening, and even the mountains peeped through the clouds as Courtney and Will said “I do”.

We loved this wedding, the teamwork that went into it, and even the insane dance party at the reception.

Below, you can see a few pictures from their wedding day (enlarge by clicking on them) and their highlight video is above. We hope these serve as joyful reminders for the rest of their lives of a very special day!


by Leah, Jared, & Jill


Wedding Venue: The Homeplace at Johnston Farm