Mary-Kate & Taylor - Wedding

You know that couple who never stops smiling at each other and should so obviously be together? That is Mary-Kate and Taylor Riden. 

In November, we had the privilege to film and photograph the wedding of Mary-Kate and Taylor - one of the most genuinely kind and fun couples we've ever met. We've been looking forward to this wedding all year and getting to capture every moment and detail for them was such a joy. 

Mary-Kate and Taylor's wedding was at the beautiful Millstone venue in Limestone, Tennessee. From the moment we arrived, the energy and excitement was sensational. The gorgeous red watermill affixed to a 200 year old stone mill and surrounded by the trees and fauna of East-Tennessee - the venue was perfect from stream to dance floor. 

And throughout the whole day, I don't think these two ever stopped smiling! They are both truly the nicest and kindest people and so dearly loved by their family and friends. The way Mary-Kate served her friends and guests- she was both a beautiful bride and a charitable host. Likewise, Taylor kept asking others if there was anything he could help with or do - these two are so kind and so people-focused. Not to mention clearly in love!

Those shots of the two of them after the ceremony? Guys, from the moment we took them, we were swooning. The love and tenderness that they have together set against the golden sunset reflecting off the river, her veil blowing in the wind and the way he looks at her - it could not have been more perfect and those are our favorite shots from the day. 

One fun thing we've done at several weddings this year as well as Mary-Kate and Taylor's was to have them run through the sparklers twice. It is so much fun and our couples have loved going back through the tunnel - and it gives us twice as many shots! It's one of our trade secrets, but future brides, we thought you should know as you're planning - it really is a cool idea!

For the duration of their full wedding day, Jared and Jill filmed while Leah and Jordan photographed. It was a BLAST working together, we even had a very special production assistant (AKA, Mom!). After thousands of photographs and video clips, we made Mary-Kate and Taylor about 700 photographs, the highlight video above, and a full ceremony video - snapshots we hope they will cherish forever.

The Johnson City Catering Company provided an incredibly delicious meal for the guests (even watching the footage made us hungry!, Platinum Salon did the hair and makeup, Melissa Timm Designs was the florist, and White Lace and Promises provided Mary-Kate's gorgeous wedding dress. And the officiant was Taylor Riden's own father and best man - Darryl Riden. So sweet! Everyone was delightful to work with and all the vendors did such a spectacular job.

We loved to have this small part of Mary-Kate and Taylor's wedding day and we wish them many wonderful years together as husband and wife!

Below are a few of our favorite pictures from the wedding. Click to enlarge!



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