Dan & Julie - Wedding Video

Last month, I had the honor to film Dan & Julie's wedding in Morristown. With only two weeks until the wedding, the couple had realized they wanted a highlight video of their special day and as crazy as this summer has been, it ended up working out that I could shoot their wedding. I was so glad! I don't get to do a lot of weddings on such short notice and that made it even more fun.

They had the ceremony at First Baptist Church in Morristown, which provided for some amazing outdoor shots. There's also this wide-angle shot during the ceremony with the light streaming through the massive, stained-glass window onto the alter and the couple below - and as you'll see in the video, I loved that shot. The church has some very beautiful features. 

The bride and groom were so easy to work with and very fun to film. The reception was at their family house, complete with a large white tent, dance floor, and string lights everywhere. A very fun reception and perfect for this video.

This was one of the first weddings I've shot with the DJI OSMO, and wow, it is amazing. Those slow-motion, super smooth shots you see in the video are all thanks to this little 4K camera that connects to any smartphone. I loved using it (actually, my wife was shooting on it most of the time!) alongside my more traditional DSLRs. 

All in all, it was a beautiful wedding with a great couple. And our friend from the Keene wedding, Lillian Prince, was their photographer! It's always great to work with her (and her work is amazing).