Joe & Emily - Wedding Video

Last month, I got to film Joe and Emily's wedding in Jonesboro, Tennessee. They spent the full day, including the ceremony and reception, at a venue called Grace Meadow Farm. As you'll see in the video, it is a seriously beautiful venue. Green pastures, two huge red barns (with bridal suites), and an alter by a pond. 

The bride and groom were a ton of fun and so relaxed. It was a day full of joy and lots of smiles! Seriously, I think Emily smiled from beginning to end. It was so sweet and made for some incredible shots. Jill and I loved being a part of their special day.

So for this wedding, the bride and groom wanted the full ceremony filmed in addition to a highlight video (which is what is below). The tricky part was, as you can sort-of see in the highlight video, the nature of the ceremony setup precluded us from getting very close to the couple without being awkwardly in front of people. We filmed the ceremony from the back and sides, and it turned out really nice. 

Those long, slow-motion wide angle shots, though. I LOVE them. Again, I have the DJI OSMO to thank for those. The camera combined with the pure joy emanating from the bride and groom made for some prepossessing moments on film. I usually don't hold shots for more than a second or two, but more than once, I interrupt the normal, quick flow of the video to pause on one of those close-up exchanges between the couple. It's like time freezes for a second, and the rest of us uncover a glimpse of what Joe and Emily must be feeling in those moments. These highlight videos are mostly for the wedding couple, but of course, the hope is to bring the audience into the emotion of this day. It's rare to be able to capture moments as raw as some of these shots with Joe and Emily. I'm very grateful to have been able to do that. 

Jyn Allen was the photographer. Her work is stunning, and the two photos I've seen from this wedding blew me away. Definitely check out her stuff!

All in all, it was a beautiful wedding with a fun and very sweet couple. Loved being a part of it!