Announcement Video (2014)


At Arrowhead Church, we play an announcement video on loop in the lobby and on the stage side screens between our services. This announcement loop has mostly general information about our church, such as the website address, the social media accounts, info about kids' programming, our iPhone app, major upcoming events, and so on. Every few months or so, we completely change this video. In early October, we scheduled a total overhaul of the preservice announcement video for November 2. As we move into the Christmas season, this video will change in colors slightly and will have snowflakes falling from the top.

I made much of this announcement video exactly a year ago. We only used it for 2 months as it felt a little over produced for our small church. Now feels like a good time to dust it off, give it some updated graphics and info, add a bit more, and run it again on Sunday mornings. Starting in January, 2015, we will be making quite a few additions to this video which will mix animation with live footage.


The look I wanted to achieve was flat graphics on a textured background. But I wanted this announcement video to feel energetic. I listened to a lot of high energy worship and electronic songs as I designed the movements in Motion (I've found the music I listen to DRASTICALLY effects the mood of what I am making).

I began by creating a blank template within Apple Motion with the backgrounds, dust particles, vignettes, fonts, and color palettes that could be applied to many animations. I made a list of scenes that needed to be included in the loop, such as "Welcome," "Social Media," "App," "ConnectCard," and so on. Then one at a time, I'd turn the blank template into one of these scenes.

I made the elements in this video with Adobe Illustrator (with some occasional color modification in Photoshop). Once the images were made, I brought them into Apple Motion and designed their movements in 15 second scenes.

After each scene was exported, I put them all together in Final Cut Pro X.


  • Adobe Illustrator CC (2014)
  • Apple Motion 5
  • Final Cut X
  • Mac Pro (late 2013)
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