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This video released in January, 2014. I directed this promo video for Arrowhead Church to promote their new building and build excitement among the congregation. The message I wanted to underscore in the project goes something like:

Our church is a group of individuals and has never been defined by a building - nor will it ever be. We've been through a lot together, and soon, we will move into a new space, together.


In July of 2013, as our creative team began to think of how we would promote our new facility when it came time to move in, I began to craft the concept of this promo. My initial idea was to highlight the difference in a building and a community - and the best way I thought to do that would be to show an empty, half finished building filled with the sounds of people talking, laughing, teaching, playing, and sharing life together. It would also reveal the move-in date.

I shot this with one of my closest friends, Laken Kimsey, and my sister Leah. The dolly shots were carefully planned and mapped so that we could repeat the same shots over several (6) months. Some of the footage is about 18 months old.

The week before it was to play, the price from the composer I selected months earlier came back much higher than I was willing to pay. Additionally, someone misplaced a hard drive with the dolly footage from months before. And the narration I had originally written for the promo didn't work well at all with the flow of the footage. It was a mess and honestly, I did not know if it would come together.

Found even better music. Found the footage. And after a long discussion with Pastor Ben, he and I came up with the text narration that begins about half way through. In the end, it turned out even better than I had originally hoped and in one month has become our most view video (beating around 300 others over the past 4 years).

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