5 Ways To Keep Your Confidence

I’m starting my first photography based job this semester and I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a little terrified inside.  Not only am I younger than most of the team, but everything I know I’ve taught myself and I’m sure there are gaps in that knowledge.  This job is going to stretch me past my comfort zones and I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I can embrace that while maintaining confidence in who I am and what I create. 

1. Ask a lot of questions

Often times when surrounded by people who are more talented or knowledgable than me, I freeze up and allow feelings of inadequacy to bully me into awkward silence.  But I've found that the best way to get over not knowing everything is to simply ask questions.  People love it when you show interest in things they've taken time to learn about.  Not only will you know more than when you started, but you'll be on the right track to feeling comfortable again.  And who knows, maybe they'll stumble upon something you're passionate about in the process. 

2. Try, always try.

Have you ever not tried something simply because you were pretty sure you would fail at it? Me too.  It’s not a habit we should be indulging.  Let’s make a pact to at least try.  Ride that skateboard.  Try your hand at videoing an event.  Pitch the crazy idea you had last night to your boss.  Start small or go for gold.  Either way, get up and try.   

3.  Remember how far you've come

Nothing gives you a greater sense of accomplishment than seeing just how far you’ve come and sometimes that is all that you need to win your confidence back. 






4.  You're not finished yet

There's always another bend in the road, another creative who has fought longer and harder than you have.  But that should never discourage you from continuing.  It should spur you forward to be the greatest and most talented version of yourself you can be today.  And when you realize that, you can turn and cheer on the people who follow you and encourage those who grow weary ahead.  When you gain confidence in yourself, you can cultivate it in others. 

5.  Remember you've got this

Give yourself a motivational pep talk sprinkled with quotes from your favorite show and get yourself back out there!  Now go make something fantastic.