Don't Be Like Bryant - FaceTime Call

About a week ago, our student ministry Fuse Church needed a video to promote their Beach Camp. We had been making a series a videos called, "Don't be like Bryant," and so a few of our staff wrote a really funny script about Bryant making a FaceTime call to Jamison to find out how camp was going. 

I had Bryant (who was in Nashville) record his portion of the script with his FaceTime camera and send me the video. I had Jamison and Brent do the same thing with their iPhones "at beach camp." After a lot of Photoshopping, some work in Apple Motion, and some audio effects, I combined all the videos to make it seem like Bryant was actually making a call from his Mac. Thankfully, I've spent enough time on my Apple products to understand how they look, act, and sound fairly well :)

It's a really fun video and a clever idea by our Fuse Church staff. I really enjoyed animating and editing this video. It's great to work with such creative people - never boring!