Lydia - Senior Pictures


Sometimes a shoot requires a little adventure (and I love it when it does!). 

This was one of my favorite portrait shoots so far. From getting inside of a creek to climbing a few trails in the woods, the creativity that Lydia brought was so fun! Lydia is a natural in front of the lens, which made my job easy! 

Throughout the shoot, I used my trusty 50mm lens. It's so small and yet the focus it brings to the foreground and the blur you get in the background is hard to beat. That's important in shoots like this one because of the millions of leaves vying for their own spotlight in Lydia's photos. We had none of it, and with our camera, Lydia's smile, and a little adventure, we came out with some beautiful pictures.  

As for editing, it was a challenge to edit three different locations at three different times of day and try to make them look cohesive. In every location, I brought out the yellows and oranges to complete the autumn flavor. 

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do!