Jim & Tammy - Anniversary Shoot

This is a really special shoot for us - because these are OUR parents!

This fall, Jim and Tammy Belcher (henceforth "Mom and Dad") celebrated 30 years of marriage. 30 years! Plus another decade of friendship and dating. Through all the ups and downs, the good times and the bad, they've not only stuck to their commitment they made on their wedding day, but they've done it with joy. We know - we've been around for most of it! As their kids, we saw the fights, we knew the struggles- but those moments were fleeting. Laughter, joy, romance, and unconditional, Jesus-like love were the standard. Those things stayed around in our home. Our parents not only made a spectacular life for us, they never stopped loving and pursuing each other. 

Whatever good, romantic husband I am now is because Mom and Dad showed us how to cherish each other my whole life. They are my #RelationshipGoals.
— Jared
My parents’ love is forgiving, tender, dance-filled, youthful, unordinary, and silly. But what I admire about it is that it’s not just a love they keep between two, but a love they share with everyone they meet.
— Leah
Mom and Dad’s marriage is one I think is so beautiful that I can’t stop myself from wanting to show everyone how adorably my parents love each other. There should really be a movie made.
— Rebekah
I see them treat others with such care and love- I want to be like that. I would be blessed if I turned out anything like them.
— Andrew

So for their anniversary, we decided to do a shoot with them of both photo and video. We took them to a local park before sunset and they brought some props - a picnic blank, Mom's wedding veil, and a few wedding photos. We shot both photo and video at their shoot. For the video, we mixed our sunset footage with a few clips from their wedding and a little bit of family life over the last 30 years.

When we make wedding videos or engagement videos for our clients, this is what we pray for their future- decades of joy and love together. We loved capturing this special anniversary shoot for our parents, and we (all the Belchers) wish them many, many more years of joy together.

The best is yet to come.


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