Moore Family - Portrait Session

Family Shoot-80.jpg

Fall family portrait sessions are some of my FAVORITE. Here's a great example why.

I've known Brett and Lane for a while now. Growing up, their house was one that my friends and I knew well. They always invited us in to hangout, to eat something scrumptious that Lane made, and to answer our questions about Scripture. They let us prank their home with little retaliation (*cough *cough Brett...), and even helped us prank other people. Needless to say, they are some of the most fun and kind couples you'll meet. They're just good for the heart.

When Julia and Annie came along, it became evident that Brett and Lane were also great parents. Both girls have such vibrant personalities and playful spirits - they are so much fun and add even more life to this loving family.

For their shoot, we went behind the Carson-Newman baseball fields to the new East Campus park by Mossy Creek. (Can we just talk about how beautiful this area is?? It's like Jefferson City's hidden gem. I love it.) With some help from the Moana soundtrack and some silly games like ring-around-the-rosie and tickle-mom-and-dad, and not to mention the chocolate bribe Lane offered to the girls, we got some really lively photos and had fun doing it. 

I seriously LOVED doing the Moore photos and I hope you love how they turned out as much as I do.