Rebecca & David - Wedding

You know how, at many marriage ceremonies, the minister will point out that a wedding is the merger of two families into one? Well, that's what it felt like to be at Rebecca & David's wedding- two families united in celebration because of a very in-love couple. 

Rebecca & David are seriously one of the sweetest, happiest couples we've ever met. You can't help but smile and laugh when you're around them and their affection for each other is beautifully obvious. 

They spent months preparing David's family farm into the outdoor venue for both the ceremony and the reception, which included two bridges, a creek between the alter and the guests, a family home from the 1800s, a big barn, a dance floor, a huge field, and a springhouse from the 1800s. They transformed it into an amazing, rustic, outdoor space. Thinking about the generations of David's family that have lived and worked on this land, it gave us chills to think about how his family legacy had lead to this moment and the creation of this new family. And those shots of Rebecca's reflection in the spring? Gosh, we love it all. 

Then there was the burning of the ships. Instead of a unity candle or knot or something, Rebecca & David did something we had never seen before. Referencing Cortez' famous act of burning his own ships so his men had no option to return to Europe until their mission was complete, Rebecca & David burned paper ships during their ceremony to signify that there is no turning back. They are all in and there is only one way forward - together. It was so sweet and totally unique. 

The venue, her dress, their kindness, the bridge, their vows, the burning ships, their first dance... we could seriously go on and on about this wedding. But let's talk about the photos and video. Rebecca & David went with our all-inclusive wedding package- both photography and videography. Leah was the photographer - directing and posing the wedding party as she photographed. Jared and Jill filmed the full day and created the highlight video. We love to do these all-inclusive packages because it gives us to much flexibility to get exactly the right shots. Plus, we get to edit the photos and videos simultaneously to match the tone, color, and even the shots between the pictures and the highlight. 

All in all, a wonderful wedding and a great day. We wish Rebecca & David a lifetime of joy together.

Below are just a few of our favorite shots from their wedding and above is the highlight video from their special day.



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