Miranda & Greg - Wedding Photography

Last month, we had the opportunity to photograph the wedding of Miranda & Greg in the Knoxville area. The venue was The Mill and The Mine - one of our favorite places to shoot! It's right in the heart of downtown, but with the outdoor ceremony site on beautiful, green turf, it feels like the perfect blend of the industrial and the natural.

Miranda and Greg were great to work with and so laid back! Those shots of Greg tearing up at the sight of his bride coming down the isle makes our hearts melt every single time. The couple was just so free-spirited and so in love, and we really wanted to capture that. 

Miranda informed us that she loved the formal, vintage style that we have touched on in the past, so we edited these photos using that timeless look. We love the results!  

Below are some of our favorites from this wedding. Just click on any of them to see them full-sized.


Happily Ever After