Kinley & Dustin - Wedding Photography

Sometimes, you have a wedding day just full of fireworks - and that's how we feel about Kinley & Dustin's summer wedding! Last month, we had the chance to be their wedding photographers and from beginning to end, it was a spectacular day.

The venue was Dustin's family home on the lake and the ceremonies took place on the grounds under a massive tree and a beautiful tent. They did an outstanding job transforming a grassy shore into a classic and chic venue! The take home gift for guests were potted flowers- I mean, how cool is that? And at the end of the evening, the family surprised Kinley & Dustin with a fireworks show above the reception. It was truly magical.

But beyond all of that, let's talk about Kinley & Dustin. Wow, what a romantic and in-love couple. Their affection for each other and their families was absolutely beautiful and MAKE these photos. It is such a pleasure for us when we get the chance to photograph the deep and genuine joy a couple has, and you definitely see that with Kinley and Dustin. 

Below are some of our favorites from this wedding. Just click on any of them to see them full-sized.



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