Sarah & Caleb - Engagement Photography


Two dogs, a castle, and a canoe- I mean does it get any more fun??

For Sarah and Caleb's engagement session, they took me to a really unique location in Strawberry Plains called Castle Ministries. Castle Ministries is mostly used for church retreats, but Sarah loved the idea of using it for her engagement session, so of course I was for it. Any chance I get to shoot somewhere new, I love it!! 

A long gravel road led us to this beautiful home turned into a castle. It had some awesome stone walls and wooden doors, not to mention some incredible views of our gorgeous TN mountains (Am I bias about TN? maybe a little ;) ). 

After the photos at the Castle, one of the care takers of the venue packed a canoe in his truck and led us to an awesome pond full of lily pads and reeds right at the brink of sunset. Sarah and Caleb hopped into the canoe for a few pictures. As they were in the middle of the pond, Sarah daringly suggested that she and Caleb meet in the middle for a few pictures STANDING UP! I'm pretty sure I was holding my breath the whole time they were doing this pose, praying that they wouldn't fall in!! But Sarah and Caleb did an awesome job. 

This was definitely an engagement shoot I won't forget. I have always wanted to do a canoe session, so I'm pumped to have gotten to do it with this adventurous couple. I'm literally counting down the days until December 15th for their all-inclusive wedding! 

Below are a few of our favorite photos from their engagement session. Tap on any of them to enlarge it!

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