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Sometimes a very bad thing can become a good thing. 

That was the case with a security attack on a startup company's website.

They make suspenders too. Like I said, cool company.

They make suspenders too. Like I said, cool company.

Two years ago, a good friend of mine, Brandi Jordan, founded a socially-responsible fashion company, Amazig Leathers. The company provides high living wages for under-privileged artisans in Morocco who design and handcraft each leather product. Everything from purses, to duffle bags, to camera straps (which I love), to wallets. Brandi not only founded this company, but she now lives and works in Morocco as well, leading the group of designers and artisans. 

call from Morocco...

Lesson: Backup

Amazig had archived every image, every product description, every blog entry - everything - in an offline folder. It made building them a new website way faster. Good work, guys!

About 2 weeks ago, I got a call from Brandi about a major security attack that had crippled their website. The site had been subject to a large malware attack over the corse of several weeks, infecting not only their current website, but the backups as well. In fact, nearly every file had been turned into malware. Her company's website was dead and offline. For a company that relies on online sales for nearly all of their income, this was an urgent issue. 

After some thought and a few hours FaceTiming, we decided to spend our energy building a new website instead of fixing the old one. We had already planned a redesign (and a move to a safer platform), so it made sense to take advantage of our time and a poor situation. Thus, I began to hastily build a new Amazig website.

Today, about a week after we began a total redesign from the ground-up, we launched the new

So go check it out! It's a great company with great products (I have several). 

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