Underwater Engagement Photos

About a month ago, I designed a ring and asked my best friend to marry me. It was both the most terrifying and the best decision I've ever made. She said yes and in a few months, we're getting married (!).

Since our wedding is in the fall, we wanted to get the invitations out to our friends and family in the summer. We had discussed possible engagement photo ideas, not really giving it a lot of thought yet, to be honest - when I stumbled across a picture of the two of us from last summer. In that picture, we were underwater, smiling at the camera, and wearing sunglasses - as if living underwater was something totally normal that we did all the time. I thought about this photo and I realized how well it completely captured who we are as individuals and as a couple. 

Underwater Engagement Feet

So I pitched the idea to Jill - what if we did a photoshoot underwater and in moderately formal clothes? She loved it. 

This week, we dressed up and got in a pool. That's a really strange thing to do, by the way, it feels like you're doing something wrong (and I guess you are?). Below are some of our favorite photos from the shoot (and the header image with our logo is the one we selected for the invitation). Our photographer (and my sister), Leah, made an appearance in a few of these. She's also amazing and an increasingly talented photographer. 

Equipment-wise, we just used our GoPro and a wirelessly connected iPad (for live previewing from the camera). I edited the photos in a really excellent app called Faded on my iPad (highly recommend). The logo for our wedding I made in Illustrator. 

In the end, it was a fun and easy way to get some really unique engagement photos for ourselves.