Duncan & Ben - Wedding Photography


Sometimes, we get to photograph a wedding that gives us chills even weeks after. That's how we feel about Duncan & Ben's wedding day - where do we even start??

The venue was a beautiful church outside of Rome where Ben's great grandparents, grandparents, and parents were married - how sweet is that? Flint Hill Baptist Church provided a really sweet and memorable venue.

Both Duncan & Ben are incredibly gifted artists in their own way. Ben does amazing carpentry work and Duncan creates beautiful calligraphy pieces - so it was really amazing to see them integrating those skills into their wedding day. Ben built that huge, wooden cross at the alter and Duncan created the rustic-chic signs that surrounded the ceremony and reception. We LOVE when a couple can put so much of themselves into their wedding. It makes it even more special and personal.  

Then there was the ceremony. Guys, it was amazing. The moment when Ben saw Duncan coming down the aisle, we were all in tears with him. From the emotional worship, to the wedding vows that were full of laughter and crying, it was a beautiful moment together.

After the ceremony, we all stepped outside to find that, while it was still sunny, it was also pouring down rain! The reception was across the street in an open field, so all of us grabbed some umbrellas and headed over. But even though we were all dripping wet, there was no dampening the celebration. We are in love with these rainy photos of Duncan & Ben- the interaction between them in the middle of a rain storm echoed their entrenched love and solid foundation. Eventually, the rain passed and we got to enjoy a a beautiful sunset and rainbow.

It was such a fun wedding and we are so excited for Duncan & Ben! These are just a few of our favorites from their day.



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