Kendal & Zach - Wedding

Kendal & Zach are some of the most kind, polite, and warm people you will ever know. From the moment we first met with them in early 2017, to their engagement session last summer, to their gorgeous wedding day a few weeks ago, it is a joy to know Kendal & Zach. Their love for each other is so clear and they truly seem like a match made in heaven.

As you’ll see in the photos and video, their wedding day was spectacular. They were married at Zach’s parent’s home on Cherokee Lake in Granger County. That opening drone shot in the video barely does the scene justice. Up the hill from the shore, past the stunning home where Kendal and her bridesmaids prepared, through the beautiful lawn and dazzling white tent, past the antique furniture and rustic decorations, you would arrive at a magnificent ceremony site like no other. Arched row after row enclosed the alter at the colonnade of this elegant home. Yet, as many seats as there were, nearly every single one was filled by a family member or friend. Kendal & Zach are definitely well loved!

There were many wonderful surprises to the day, as well. Kendal and her father walked down the long, winding driveway to the left of the house, surprising all the guests who expected them down the center aisle, which was a very fun idea! Zach’s father officiated the ceremony, which was so sweet. Their reception was amazing, the first dances were tear-jerkers, the food was delicious… honestly, there is so much about this wedding we could go on about!

We had the honor of filming and photographing Kendal & Zach’s wedding day. Above, you can watch the highlight video. Below, you can see a few of our favorite photos from the wedding day and enlarge any of them simply by tapping on one.

We are so delighted with these photos and videos and we hope Kendal & Zach treasure them for years to come!

Made with Love,

Jared, Leah, Jill, & Jordan