Sarah & Caleb - Wedding

A little before Christmas, Sarah & Caleb walked out of First Baptist Church- showered by rose pedals from their garden- no longer as boyfriend and girlfriend, or as fiancé, but as husband and wife.

There were a million super sweet moments that led up to this romantic exit, and we had the joy to photograph and film many of them. Sarah is among the most kind of selfless people we’ve met, and Caleb’s kindness is equaled only by his knack for bringing out the joy in others. We are so glad that they found each other and fell in love! They’re a wonderful couple.

Their wedding day was held at a beautiful church in Dandridge, Tennessee. The same church, in fact, where Caleb’s parents were married. The church was decorated as a formal December wedding (Sarah described it as “Mild to Moderate on the holiday cheer,” which we loved!) and as you’ll see in the pictures, it was beautiful.

Through the first look with her dad that had us all in tears, to the hilarious poses Caleb struck during his photo session, to the heart-warming letters they wrote to each other, and the involvement of all of their friends and family - we know this was an unforgettable day for Sarah & Caleb.

Below, you can see a few pictures from their wedding day (enlarge by clicking on them) and their highlight video is above. We hope these serve as joyful reminders for the rest of their lives of a very special day!

Made with Love

by Leah, Jared & Jill



Wedding Venue: First Baptist Church Dandridge

Photographer: Noble Limits Creative Company

Videographer: Noble Limits Creative Company

Florist: Tilted Tulip

Organizer/Director: Kathy Wiesner

Caterer: Susan Murphy