Houston Family Session

On a cold, rainy February day in Jefferson City, we grabbed our coats, strapped on our cameras, and met the Houston family in the park for a family session! You never know what East Tennessee weather you're going to get - especially when scheduling a shoot a month in advance - but thankfully, the Houstons are definitely not quitters and we had an amazing family session! 

Scooter and Kelly had asked for their session to include both photography and video - something we call an all-Inclusive session, and they are always our favorites to do. This one was no exception. The Houston family is so fun and so affectionate with each other! Being able to snapshot an hour of their family life through a hundred pictures and this video was truly an honor. For Leah, Jill, and I, it reminded us of why we do what we do. 

So above is the video and below are some of our favorite photos from the session. But hold on! We have a unique request for this post. We think you should watch the video before you scroll any further to look at the pictures. Trust us- it'll be worth it! There are some things that are just better live (or as close to live as possible!). 




Hold on - Watch the video before you see the pictures!

Did you watch the video? Ok, you better have! In that case, here are the pictures.


Click on any picture to see it larger.


Made with Love.

-Jared, Jill, & Leah