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Family Session-4.jpg

I've said it before, and I'll keep on saying it probably until I die, but I love family. Annie and Matthew McDaniel asked me do their family session because of their newest addition to their family- Benjamin! (I haven't gotten to photography many new families, so this was a big YAY for me!!)

I've known Annie and Matthew for a little while now, but I had never met Benjamin prior to this session. Let me tell you, he is an adorable baby who smiles all the time (seriously a dream!). While I was editing, I was struggling to delete photos and often said, "Aww he looks so cute in this one!" and "How could I delete this picture, just look at him!".

One of my favorite things from this session was when Annie and Benjamin were getting photographed, Benjamin was getting a little tired of smiling. So Matthew (a very kind, yet professional looking man) stepped up to the plate to help. He leaned right over my camera and spoke the best baby gibberish I've heard in a long time and Benjamin (and Annie) would laugh and laugh. It was so fun!! 

I hope you all enjoy these family photos as much as I do! 

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